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Lee, Y.-T., & Ramaswami, A. (forthcoming). Fitting person-environment fit theories into the cultural contexts: Stimulating field expansion by looking at the ASA process through a cultural lens. Accepted for publication in Amy Kristof-Brown and Jon Billsberry’s “New Directions in Person-Environment Fit”.
  • Both authors contributed equally. Book chapter selected competitively.
Ramaswami, A., Dreher, G. F., Bretz, R., & Wiethoff, C. (2010). Gender, mentoring, and career success: The importance of organizational context. Personnel Psychology, 63(2), 385-405.
Ramaswami, A., & Dreher, G. F. (2010). Mentoring relationships in India: A qualitative exploratory study. Human Resource Management, 49(3), 501-530.
Ramaswami, A., Dreher, G. F., Bretz, R., & Wiethoff, C. (2010). The interactive effects of gender and mentoring on career attainment: Making the case for female lawyers. Journal of Career Development, Published online May 2010 DOI: 10.1177/0894845309358886, 1-25.     
Ramaswami, A., & Dreher, G. F. (2007). The benefits associated with workplace mentoring relationships. In T. A. Allen and L. Eby. (Eds.) Handbook of mentoring: A multiple perspectives approach (Chp. 13). Blackwell Publishing.
  • Invited book chapter
Other Publications and Reports

Kumar, S., Lega, L., Contreras, A.H., O'Kelley, M., & Ramaswami, A. (2010). Preliminary factor analysis of the O'Kelly Women's Belief Scale in an Indian sample. Synergy, 8 (2), 1-7.

Prasad, A.B., Kumar, S., & Ramaswami, A. (2009). Cane and able: Inclusion of the differently abled at the workplace. Udyog Pragati, 33 (1): 1-13.
Kumar, S., Ramaswami, A., & Scott-Baumann, A. (2006). Challenges that we face as global citizens. Journal of the University of Mumbai Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences 55 (1), 73-88, Sesquicentennial Issue.

Kumar, S., & Ramaswami, A. (Eds.) (2006). Some outstanding women of India. Mumbai, India: St. Paul Press.
  • Second print in 2008
  • A collection of stories on Indian women who have made an impact in the fields of medical science, women’s rights, social justice, and education. Their lives and works are analyzed through the lens of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to help readers dispute their own irrational beliefs and find these stories inspirational for their personal and professional endeavors.
Kumar, S., & Ramaswami, A. (Eds.) (2005). Beyond the ordinary. Mumbai, India: St. Paul Press.
  • A collection of short inspiring cases and stories of individuals, organizations, and institutions that made a difference in society.

Kumar, S., Sujir, N, Ramaswami, A., & Godbole, S. (2005). Yoga and its relation to emotional intelligence: A quasi-experimental study: Bombay Psychologist, 20 (1-2), 25-43.